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How would you link the five pictures in a story?

43 'L' Plates

Creative story-telling at its best: 43 imaginative short stories linking the five specified pictures.

How would you link an 'L' Plate with a dog, a padlock, a railway, and a pair of scissors?

40 stories by our 2007 and 2008 contributors with an additional three bonus 9-photo stories.

Available in UK bookshops and online published by 5photostory: Launch date October 13 2008

43 'L' Plates, edited by JD Stamp, UK 7.99,
ISBN 9780-9550780-6-4

Our 5photostory contributors are:

Darren Bailey, Tracie Barnett, Jen Barton, Ellie Belcher, Elizabeth Blackmore, Cheryl Bywater, Stephanie Cage, Catriona Child, Laura Dawn, Holly Dawson, Graeme Down, Shelley Ellerbeck, Eileen Gilmour, Linda Gruchy, Stef Hall, Joss Hayes, Margaret Jocelyn, Stephen Lake, Dan Lamb, Anne-Marie Latter, Lauren LeBano, Linda Lenehan, Julia Lindfield, Christine Malone, John Edward McBride, Dee McMath, Rosanna McGlone-Healey, Marit Meredith, Jennifer Moore, Elena Moss, Samantha Priestley, Kumari Shantala, William Simpson, Rebecca Smith, Jayne Thickett, Nina-Gai Till, Richard Travers, Amanda Valentine, Amanda Weeks, Corinna Weyreter, Cecilia Winnett.


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Thank you for all the many and imaginative submissions we received